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Make It Safe Campaign

Gulf News initiates a campaign on safe driving to educate motorists on the dangers of reckless behaviour on UAE roads.

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  1. Added 16:53 October 10, 2011

    The authorities need to put MASSIVE BILLBOARDS with SHOCK VALUE IMAGES of ACCIDENTS as a deterant option. Other option is for agencies to look at DEFLATING THE EGO of speedsters (by advertising), as they think they are very Macho in doing so.

    khurram, rak, United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 14:10 October 10, 2011

    Actually what is required is the empathy on the part of drivers. Once they get behind the wheel they change personalities and an otherwise polite person become horrible driver. And in my experience it is true for both sexes. They care about themselves only and least bothered about giving space to others. Every day i see people dropping their kids at school in the morning and they become so careless about other kids. If we live in a civilized society we need to prove it in our behavior. Just be patient on the road and things will be much better.

    Ali Raza, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  3. Added 13:43 October 10, 2011

    Thanks GN for “make it safe” GN should collaborate with RTA/ Police dept and introduce stickers which can be used to the rear of the vehicle. Please issue at least to GN subscribers. Thanks

    shibu, Duba, India

  4. Added 13:27 October 10, 2011

    First of all Congratulations to GN for this campaign and the effort you take for this. It’s a pity that our eyes open up only for few days when some thing bad happens, and again back to same very soon. Should we have to allow sacrificing life on road to keep our eyes open all time. Authorities must take more strict actions against the violators. The culture of respect between drivers should be developed. It’s like a night mare to drive on SZR and Al Khail Rd peak hours or otherwise. The speed limits on the sign boards should be strictly observed, I don’t understand why you allow extra 20% more on the speed limit, specially the road like SZR and Al Khail road. It should be strictly 100km/Hr. On these roads you can see trucks, pickups and even big busses and trailers drive over 100kms, and when gone wrong ramps on to the small vehicles. Some times feels like the first lane is dedicated to 6 cylinder vehicles only with their headlights on and nothing in their drivers HEAD. Tale gating and road rage is all usually seen here. A week ago saw a guy stopping his SUV on the middle lane of al khail road came out of it and started abusing the other. Do you have to be concerned about others on the same line driving at least 100km/hr? Changing lane don’t use indicators, as you don’t get space to lane in, (thinks its their private property) so just squeeze in and give heart attack to others. Where is the safe distance between vehicles observed? Act only when time comes, when worst happens.

    Shibu, Dubai, India

  5. Added 12:24 October 10, 2011

    I am Raj. I stay in Al Nadha, Sharjha. I always notice people park their vehicle, where we enter from the pocket road to the main road, especially school buses. As these guys are parked at the entrance to the main road, I am forced change the line immediately I enter to the main road. This may cause serious accident. We can find these things everyday just opposite sahara center from onwards. I hope Gulf news will make sure this will reach to the concern person Thank you in advance.

    raj, dubai, United Arab Emirates

  6. Added 11:48 October 10, 2011

    Dear GN Team, Hats off as you have done enough to create awareness and this is not the first or second time we are reading such reports on road and safety. But does any one care is the question that i would like to pin point? the death rates have gone up again unlike the previous years and it seems this has become a part of life for few people to drive resklessly on the roads risking the lives of others. I would now blame it on the ads that are published every day on every page of the news paper as this will Make more and more people look out for brand new cars. in one family we have more than 3 cars. its like having more than 3 mobiles. The roads are packed with too many cars of various shapes and sizes and when more and more people go for brand new cars they get excited to drive reskless on the road and again its the differnt mind sets that people . Unless and until the Car manufacturing companys try to set up a speed lock system , motorists will make use of over speeding but again nothing can be done down. We need to find out where have we failed? is it the freedom of driving that motorists have taken advantage of or no one cares? during peak hours the roads are complete bazarre . ther are no timings implemented for trucks and vans. Trucks vans use the fast lane and drive slow. Motorists in Dubai have become very impatient and have attitude problem .every one has become so self centerd that they want to only take care of themselves.

    Mathew Litty, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  7. Added 11:42 October 10, 2011

    UAE roads are fun to drive, but with caution, I have been living in Dubai for more than 5 years and based on my observation some drivers many a times change lanes without indicators which surely disturbs the person behind him/her. Another point is we need to carefully monitor is our speed at all times and please check rear view mirros and shoulders before changing the lanes or when applying brakes, these are some fundamentals we ought to follow which people usually forget once they pass their driving tests, we should consider every day driving is equal to giving driving tests then only we will be careful, else these horrifying accidents will keep on happening, finally please remember always: somebody is waiting for you at home when you are driving to office or back home. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!!!! Appreciate this initiative by Gulf News.

    Amardeep, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  8. Added 11:27 October 10, 2011

    Let me make a suggestion: There must be a maximum AND minimum speed requirement on all roads. Driving too slow also causes accidents, especially when slow drivers choose the fast or middle lane - vehicles will try to overtake them from both sides and then here comes trouble! Everyone becomes stressed out. I suggest a maximum 120 kph and a minimum 100 kph on the Emirates Road, for instance. Driving slower than 100 kph will have to also incur fines. This is what we've been taught in Canada.

    Anton R. Tajanlangit, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  9. Added 10:28 October 10, 2011

    It is a great effort! I have lived and worked in the UAE for over 3.5 years. Over 10,000 people have died in road accidents in the last 10 years, mostly male, bread earners, 15-45 years of age. Education and awareness with engineering measures and strict enforcement can prevent and reduce road accident related casualties. Being a Road and Traffic Safety Expert, with over 35 years of experience in 12 countries. I and such experts can assist to bring down road casualties by up to 50% in the next 5 years.

    Kailash Tiwari, Jakarta, Indonesia

  10. Added 10:26 October 10, 2011

    Unfortunately, as long as this beautiful country has arrogant drivers and impatient people, there will be these tragic events. Its sad to say, but the minority will soon wipe themselves out with their reckless, fearless, horrendous driving.

    Roxanne, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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