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How safe is your food?

Gulf News spends a day with food inspectors from Dubai Municipality to find out how they maintain clean standards in the kitchen's of the city's restaurants

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  1. Added 09:09 February 24, 2010

    One thing should be made clear to restaurants serving veg and non veg food, to maintain the hygiene of diff. foods in a proper way. They all use same vessels for both category food items. Many a times you order veg food and you find traces of non veg in it and even parts of non veg food in it. This is common practice with all small and medium restaurants. They use same frying pans, cook ware without being washed for veg and non veg dishes being warmed and served or dispatched for take away foods. Every one can't eat at high end restaurants every day. The authorities should make checking without informing the restarants and catch them to correct their practice. Peaople who are vegetarian find it very difficult.

    Vijay Bhatia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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