GN Focus | World Milk Day

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  • story 1
    Saturday Jun 1

    Promise of health

    Recommended to the young and old as nutritious foods, dairy products are popular across cultures and geographies

  • story 2
    Saturday Jun 1

    Creamy goodness

    World Milk Day highlights the positive role dairy plays in the lives of people around the world

  • story 3
    Saturday Jun 1

    A childhood spent without ice cream

    A milk allergy meant growing up without dairy favourites, recalls mother of ten-year-old patient

  • story 4
    Saturday Jun 1

    A sip of the desert

    The rising popularity of camel’s milk regionally and around the world as a nutritious, healthy alternative to cow’s milk can mean big business for the UAE

  • story 5
    Saturday Jun 1

    Rising to the top

    Better nutritional awareness and new products are driving growth in the UAE’s dairy sector