GN Focus | Valentine's Day

  • story 1
    Wednesday Feb 5

    Valentine's Day gifts for him including Sony PS4

    Loosen the purse strings and dust off the wallet for these statement gestures

  • story 2
    Wednesday Feb 5

    Scented candles gain popularity in Dubai

    A symbol of romance for centuries and an elegant way to refresh your home, scented candles are becoming increasingly popular worldwide

  • story 3
    Wednesday Feb 5

    The truth about heartbreak

    GN Focus speaks to Specialist Cardiologist Dr Hesham Mohamed Saad about broken heart syndrome, which can mimic symptoms of a heart attack

  • story 4
    Wednesday Feb 5

    Love in the time of gadgets

    Make the most of technology when looking to impress your loved one with our helpful tips

  • story 5
    Wednesday Feb 5

    Great escapes

    With love in the air come Valentine’s weekend, why not take a romantic break? GN Focus highlights destinations where you and your partner can enjoy some much deserved we time

  • story 6
    Thursday Feb 7

    Sweat and the city

    From scuba to skydiving, the UAE offers unparalleled opportunities for adrenalin-pumping romance

  • story 7
    Thursday Feb 7

    Destination romance: Scandinavia

    Holidays are made for rekindling romance and fanning the flames — especially if you’re in Scandinavia, says GN Focus Editor Keith J. Fernandez

  • story 8
    Thursday Feb 7

    Have a heart

    We ask UAE residents to recount their least romantic Valentine’s Day experiences

  • story 9
    Thursday Feb 7

    For the love of words

    Languages conspire to make the world a romantic fool’s paradise — or hell, as the case may be

  • story 10
    Thursday Feb 7

    The price of passion

    We spend more and more each year to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But happiness doesn’t need to be tied to material gifts and experiences, say experts