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We ask UAE residents to recount their least romantic Valentine’s Day experiences

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The days leading up to February 14 are by far the most stressful days for couples, as far as buying presents is concerned. And advertisements by companies marketing tacky, distasteful gifts certainly don’t make life easier. While everyone may tell you what to buy, there’s hardly any information on what not to buy.
From a lady who got a pressure cooker as her Valentine’s Day gift to a man who was conned into going shopping on the special day, pay close attention to these experiences, which give you loud hints about what not to do next Thursday.

Ferne Reynolds Lategan, British

“The least romantic way to spend the day would have to be sitting at home with your special someone at 7pm trying to decide where to go and what to do (without one of you having made a reservation). Being whisked off for a romantic surprise somewhere special would definitely get a thumbs up from me.”

Mini Menon, 42, Indian

“Gifts aside, my partner forgets the day itself — not once, but at least 18 years out of the 21 we have been together. Now who can beat that record? My valentines have always been my 12- and 13-year old students.”

Debyani Dasan, 46, Indian

“On my first Valentine’s after marriage, my husband comes with a huge wrapped gift. We were always broke those days, so I was super excited. When I opened it, I found a pressure cooker within — all of five litres.”

Fatma Abdullah, 30, Sudanese

“My ex was clueless about romance. One Valentine’s Day we ended up spending the day cruising in his car. He gave me a teddy bear and a red rose from the nearest petrol station; I forgot them in his car and his little sister kept them.”

Charlotte Rosignol, 27, French

“Being at home and cleaning the house — this has happened to me a few times. However, I also believe that if you are with someone, you should be celebrating Valentine’s Day every day.”

Nasreen Bakheit, 24, British/Sudanese

“I once dated a very focused engineering student in university. On Valentine’s Day he was so busy studying that he couldn’t even wish me, forget the chocolates and roses.”

Abdul Samad, 28, Indian

“My partner (now ex) planned a day-long shopping spree (ouch), lunch with her family, dinner at a street-side junk joint, wrapping up the day with the not-so-romantic movie, Ratatouille.”