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  • story 1
    Thursday Jul 4

    Back to basics

    The outlook for US economic growth is optimistic, but also an oxymoron of sorts. GN Focus outlines the strengths and continuing uncertainties

  • story 2
    Thursday Jul 4

    United by growth

    From cars to aviation, bilateral trade between the US and the UAE is growing at a remarkable double-digit rate. And there is plenty of opportunity for development, say industry experts

  • story 3
    Thursday Jul 4

    Bank on these space-age assets

    Features Writer Thomas Billinghurst and Specialist Writer Shalini Seth look at sectors that could offer attractive yields to UAE investments

  • story 4
    Thursday Jul 4

    Energy independence on the horizon

    With massive shale reserves and natural gas production growing at more than twice the rate of consumption, the US is becoming self-sufficient

  • story 5
    Thursday Jul 4

    Changing tides: an industry tries to stay afloat

    With losses in capital and declining support from the government, the sector must turn to commercial enterprise and new policies to navigate its way to success

  • story 6
    Thursday Jul 4

    Auto sector races ahead

    After the precipitous decline of the American auto industry in the 1990s, the sector is well and truly back on track

  • story 7
    Thursday Jul 4

    This land was made for you and me

    The Brand USA initiative is aiming to rekindle the world’s love affair with the US and invite tourists to experience the limitless travel possibilities of the third-largest country in the world

  • story 8
    Thursday Jul 4

    The path to success

    Demand for US degrees is at an all-time high, with business, engineering and health sciences among the top choices

  • story 9
    Thursday Jul 4

    Born in the USA

    There’s a reason America boasts popular culture the whole world is happy to embrace, finds Specialist Writer Shalini Seth

  • story 10
    Thursday Jul 4

    Measuring stereotypes

    While some traits are ingrained, not all US citizens are the same, discovers Features Writer Cheryl Robertson