GN Focus | UAE National Day

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    Thursday Nov 29

    UAE cars get National Day makeover

    UAE residents decorated their cars in National Day memorabilia to celebrate the occasion

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    Thursday Nov 29

    National pride: you can see it on their faces

    Face painting has become a popular element among young people in showing national pride and unity during National Day celebrations. To celebrate the UAE’s 41st National Day with a different flair, here are 28 face painting ideas that you can try out and that incorporate popular landmarks and icons of the UAE

  • story 3
    Thursday Nov 29

    School Olympics a giant leap for UAE sports

    Long term programme seeks to make talent development at school level a priority

  • story 4
    Thursday Nov 29

    How UAE School Olympics will change lives

    Public school students between eight to 15 years old are eligible

  • story 5
    Thursday Nov 29

    Celebrating the UAE

    Citizens and residents find common ground for optimism in the UAE on its 41st National Day

  • story 6
    Thursday Nov 29

    Their hearts on their cars

    Motorists rev up National Day celebrations by decorating their cars with UAE flags and patriotic symbols