GN Focus | UAE National Day

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    Saturday Dec 1

    Flying the UAE flag: Emirati faces to watch

    Experts in different fields pick their top Emiratis all set to make it big

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    Saturday Dec 1

    UAE Celebrates the 41st National Day

    The spirit of the country was celebrated in vivid colours and light displays across the UAE to mark its 41st National Day. The streets were aflutter with flags and lights in national colours were hanging from buildings. Shopping malls were decorated as were vehicles on the roads. Other festivities included concerts and fireworks.

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    Saturday Dec 1

    Emirati power: Men’s style influencers

    tabloid!’s men’s fashion page, The Directory, rounds up the UAE’s style leaders

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    Saturday Dec 1

    Swiss expat admits getting ‘homesick’ for UAE

    Resident of 42 years recalls the time when a trip from Dubai to Khorfakkan took 3 days

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    Thursday Nov 29

    A nation celebrates with colour and vigour

    Celebrations marking the 41st UAE National Day will reach a climax this weekend as the country hosts parades, traditional folk dances and other exciting events. Thursday schools across the Emirates held special events for National Day and pupils ditched uniforms for bright clothes featuring the colours of the national flag.

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    Thursday Nov 29

    UAE cars get National Day makeover

    UAE residents decorated their cars in National Day memorabilia to celebrate the occasion

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    Thursday Nov 29

    National pride: you can see it on their faces

    Face painting has become a popular element among young people in showing national pride and unity during National Day celebrations. To celebrate the UAE’s 41st National Day with a different flair, here are 28 face painting ideas that you can try out and that incorporate popular landmarks and icons of the UAE

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    Thursday Nov 29

    School Olympics a giant leap for UAE sports

    Long term programme seeks to make talent development at school level a priority

  • story 9
    Thursday Nov 29

    How UAE School Olympics will change lives

    Public school students between eight to 15 years old are eligible

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    Thursday Nov 29

    Celebrating the UAE

    Citizens and residents find common ground for optimism in the UAE on its 41st National Day