GN Focus | UAE National Day

  • story 1
    Sunday Dec 2

    Go on, get out there

    Thrill seekers in the UAE have plenty of avenues to explore, as the country takes its place on the adventure sports map

  • story 2
    Sunday Dec 2

    An indoor adventure

    Adventure HQ’s indoor climbing wall and ceiling-suspended obstacle course give the lay extreme sportsman a palpable taste of what to expect in the great outdoors

  • story 3
    Sunday Dec 2

    The UAE’s stars

    The nation is a glittering pearl in the Middle East, and its people add to the shine. Here are the Emiratis to keep an eye on

  • story 4
    Sunday Dec 2

    Onward, forward

    Since the federation was formed in 1971, the UAE has grown from a quiet backwater to one of the Middle East’s most important centres. But what are the challenges it currently faces?

  • story 5
    Sunday Dec 2

    Residents take a global view

    Those who call the UAE home, whether proud nationals or committed expats, are truly global citizens

  • story 6
    Sunday Dec 2

    Switched on

    The era of anywhere-anytime learning is here as the UAE commits to revolutionising the way students learn and are taught

  • story 7
    Sunday Dec 2

    Energy stewardship: from natural to renewable

    It may have one of the world’s largest organic resources, but the UAE is now advocating the use of sustainable power

  • story 8
    Sunday Dec 2

    ‘An expo for the world’

    With Dubai bidding to host the World Expo 2020, insiders reveal what this opportunity would mean for the emirate and the UAE

  • story 9
    Saturday Dec 1

    Emiratis urged to double their efforts

    Mohammad Bin Zayed calls on nationals to help turn the President’s vision into reality

  • story 10
    Saturday Dec 1

    Flying the UAE flag: Emirati faces to watch

    Experts in different fields pick their top Emiratis all set to make it big