GN Focus | UAE National Day

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    Monday Dec 3

    Images of the 41st UAE National Day

    National Day celebrations feature young and old across the UAE

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    Monday Dec 3

    UAE celebrates 41st National Day

    Residents across the Emirates took to the streets in fancy dress and decorated vehicles to celebrate the United Arab Emirates 41st National Day. A giant flag rose above Sharjah on the world’s 7th largest flag pole and fireworks lit up the night sky.

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    Sunday Dec 2

    41 facts of unity in the UAE

    With PDF download: 41 achievements that the fathers of the union could never have imagined all those years ago

  • story 4
    Sunday Dec 2

    Defining tomorrow

    What are the agreements and partnerships made in the last few years that will shape the future of the UAE? Read on

  • story 5
    Sunday Dec 2

    The roads less travelled

    Some roads are pure art, others inspire it. GN Focus takes a trip through the seven emirates that make up the UAE

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    Sunday Dec 2

    Opening credits

    As a fledgling film industry establishes itself in the UAE, we look at its achievements, advantages and challenges

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    Sunday Dec 2

    Switched on

    The era of anywhere-anytime learning is here as the UAE commits to revolutionising the way students learn and are taught

  • story 8
    Sunday Dec 2

    ‘An expo for the world’

    With Dubai bidding to host the World Expo 2020, insiders reveal what this opportunity would mean for the emirate and the UAE

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    Sunday Dec 2

    Build it and they’ll come

    The UAE’s construction sector is back on track with iconic developments announced to change the face of the country

  • story 10
    Sunday Dec 2

    Energy stewardship: from natural to renewable

    It may have one of the world’s largest organic resources, but the UAE is now advocating the use of sustainable power