GN Focus | UAE National Day

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    Monday Dec 2

    Shifting the goalposts

    A golden generation of footballers might provide the much-needed push towards changing the way football is run, played and watched by fans in the Gulf

  • story 2
    Monday Dec 2

    Spirited celebrations

    From performances and parades to falcons and fireworks, a host of events have been scheduled across the UAE today

  • story 3
    Monday Dec 2

    ’Tis the season to celebrate the nation

    We throw together a list of ideas to help you celebrate UAE National Day

  • story 4
    Monday Dec 2

    The UAE: The best place to live?

    Popular among its citizens and expatriates alike, GN Focus looks at the numbers behind the country almost 200 nationalities call home

  • story 5
    Monday Dec 2

    Devel of it all: First automobile made in UAE

    The first automobile to be made in the UAE

  • story 6
    Monday Dec 2

    Cakes in vogue

    New kid on the block Spontiphoria combines academia, knick knacks, cake and coffee

  • story 7
    Monday Dec 2

    Home run

    Now that we have won the Expo, the real work begins. GN Focus gets the best minds in the industry to examine what the future holds

  • story 8
    Monday Dec 2

    Camel race keeps cultural roots alive

    For about six months starting October enthusiasts gather to enjoy their favourite local sport

  • story 9
    Monday Dec 2

    My saluki, my pride

    Salukis, age-old companions of the Bedouin, are re-emerging as part of the contemporary fabric of the UAE. We speak to three different owners to find out how

  • story 10
    Monday Dec 2

    Future perfect

    Dr Abdulla Al Karam of KHDA talks about the way forward for private education in Dubai