GN Focus | UAE National Day

  • story 1
    Monday Dec 2

    Cakes in vogue

    New kid on the block Spontiphoria combines academia, knick knacks, cake and coffee

  • story 2
    Monday Dec 2

    Home run

    Now that we have won the Expo, the real work begins. GN Focus gets the best minds in the industry to examine what the future holds

  • story 3
    Monday Dec 2

    Camel race keeps cultural roots alive

    For about six months starting October enthusiasts gather to enjoy their favourite local sport

  • story 4
    Monday Dec 2

    My saluki, my pride

    Salukis, age-old companions of the Bedouin, are re-emerging as part of the contemporary fabric of the UAE. We speak to three different owners to find out how

  • story 5
    Monday Dec 2

    Saddling up for a chukka

    Polo is now widely accessible in the UAE and more popular than ever, with various clubs offering coaching and holding tournaments

  • story 6
    Monday Dec 2

    Shifting the goalposts

    A golden generation of footballers might provide the much-needed push towards changing the way football is run, played and watched by fans in the Gulf

  • story 7
    Monday Dec 2

    Islamic economy to spur job creation

    As the UAE positions itself as a centre for Islamic business, the country is investing in Islamic finance education and in training students to meet the demand for skilled professionals

  • story 8
    Sunday Dec 1

    Emiratis pushing the fashion agenda in the UAE

    This National Day, tabloid! introduces you to four leading style lights fashioning a grassroots fashion movement in the Emirates

  • story 9
    Sunday Dec 1

    UAE National Day: Happy 42nd birthday!

    Thousands turn the emirates into a heaving party of red, green, white and black

  • story 10
    Sunday Dec 1

    Shaikh Mohammad: It’s time to look to the future with confidence

    Our people are enjoying the fruits of the development process, he says