GN Focus | Tyres and Batteries

  • story 1
    Sunday Apr 21

    Choosing a car battery

    Experts talk about the things every driver should consider before buying a battery

  • story 2
    Sunday Apr 21

    Innovate to win the race

    Revolutionary technologies, environment-friendly products and branding exercises are helping tyre manufacturers stay ahead in the game

  • story 3
    Sunday Apr 21

    Have electric batteries 
lost their spark?

    Industry leaders say high manufacturing costs and weight of batteries prevent the vehicles from picking up speed. Robert Wright investigates

  • story 4
    Sunday Apr 21

    Spotting fake treads

    Simple yet important points every vehicle owner should know to ensure being nothing short of road-ready

  • story 5
    Sunday Apr 21

    Handle with caution and care

    We give you the low-down on how to keep your car’s bits and bobs in top condition

  • story 6
    Sunday Apr 29

    When only the best will do

    Duplicate batteries might seem like a blessing on the pocket but time will tell quite another tale

  • story 7
    Sunday Apr 29

    Wheel out the beauties

    It's safer to go for original bits and bobs when customising your ride

  • story 8
    Sunday Apr 29

    Set the wheels in motion

    The latest new-generation tyres come with the promise of ultra-high performance, while retaining fuel economy and safety

  • story 9
    Sunday Apr 29

    Inexpensive tyre brands are a viable option

    Looking for new tyres but put off by the price? A little homework will lead you to cheaper options that meet safety and quality criteria

  • story 10
    Sunday Apr 29

    Rolling out an express fix for tyres

    The country's first dedicated mobile tyre repair team promises quick turnaround time and efficient wheel refurbishment and customisation