GN Focus | Tyres and Batteries

  • story 1
    Thursday Apr 24

    Used tyres fuel green revolution

    The UAE’s expanding population has led to a used tyre explosion. GN Focus looks at what is being done about it

  • story 2
    Thursday Apr 24

    Just a click away

    Consumers are now embracing the ability to research and buy tyres online

  • story 3
    Thursday Apr 24

    Taking battery power beyond the garage

    Automakers are showcasing technologies that allow your home to generate more electricity than it consumes

  • story 4
    Thursday Apr 24

    Tyre industry rolls ahead of the curve

    Companies are now designing products to help reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions

  • story 5
    Thursday Apr 24

    Tread with care

    Why maintenance is key when it comes to the tyres on your ride

  • story 6
    Thursday Apr 24

    Trucks take the tech road

    Clean market and technology policies are driving everything from tyre design to battery innovation in the global trucking industry

  • story 7
    Sunday Apr 21

    Choosing a car battery

    Experts talk about the things every driver should consider before buying a battery

  • story 8
    Sunday Apr 21

    Innovate to win the race

    Revolutionary technologies, environment-friendly products and branding exercises are helping tyre manufacturers stay ahead in the game

  • story 9
    Sunday Apr 21

    Have electric batteries 
lost their spark?

    Industry leaders say high manufacturing costs and weight of batteries prevent the vehicles from picking up speed. Robert Wright investigates

  • story 10
    Sunday Apr 21

    Spotting fake treads

    Simple yet important points every vehicle owner should know to ensure being nothing short of road-ready