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    Monday May 6

    Holiday deals

    Insect eating in Mexico, recreating love in Maldives or a trip fit for a lady in London, here are a few options

  • story 2
    Monday May 6

    Make or Bric

    Rapid urbanisation, rising disposable incomes and fewer government restrictions on foreign travel have seen the Bric traveller herald a new era in international tourism

  • story 3
    Monday May 6

    A trip that can change lives

    Socially responsible holidays are on the rise as a growing number of travellers look for ways to give back

  • story 4
    Monday May 6

    Old world, new appeal

    Revivalist holidays tie into the trend for all things authentic. GN Focus looks at how one French region integrates the past with the present

  • story 5
    Monday May 6

    The world meets at ATM

    The trade-only event that kicks off today sets the agenda for the travel industry

  • story 6
    Monday May 6

    Dubai's Ras Al Khor a flamingo flyway

    As airports are essential for travellers, Dubai Creek is vital to birds in need of refuelling on their annual migration. Have you been to Ras Al Khor to see them?