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  • story 1
    Monday May 5

    More travel options at Arabian Travel Market

    This year’s show will have a bigger variety of travel options

  • story 2
    Monday May 5

    Brazil 101

    From superfoods to natural beauty, the Fifa World Cup host country has something for everyone, says Iona Stanley

  • story 3
    Monday May 5

    Arabian Travel Market gives leisure travel a boost

    With spending on leisure travel up 25 per cent, industry executives at the convention will need to rethink their business strategies

  • story 4
    Monday May 5

    Five top travel trends

    A look at the leading factors contributing to the growth of the travel and tourism industry around the world, including here in the UAE

  • story 5
    Monday May 5

    DXB runways get a makeover

    Here’s what you need to know about the airport’s 80-day refurbishment

  • story 6
    Monday May 5

    Mobility trends

    Technology is providing a one-on-one connection between travel companies and individual travellers

  • story 7
    Monday May 6

    Holiday deals

    Insect eating in Mexico, recreating love in Maldives or a trip fit for a lady in London, here are a few options

  • story 8
    Monday May 6

    Make or Bric

    Rapid urbanisation, rising disposable incomes and fewer government restrictions on foreign travel have seen the Bric traveller herald a new era in international tourism

  • story 9
    Monday May 6

    A trip that can change lives

    Socially responsible holidays are on the rise as a growing number of travellers look for ways to give back

  • story 10
    Monday May 6

    Old world, new appeal

    Revivalist holidays tie into the trend for all things authentic. GN Focus looks at how one French region integrates the past with the present