GN Focus | Travel Cards

  • story 1
    Monday Apr 29

    World of options

    Cards that understand consumers’ preferences and personalise deals accordingly are the new wave

  • story 2
    Monday Apr 29

    What is driving travel cards?

    Cards with travel as a reward are here to stay. Broad trends in consumer behaviour, banking and the airline industry are indicative of what your product will look like

  • story 3
    Monday Apr 29

    The plastic fantastic traveller

    Swiping your card or paying by cash? Here is a comparison between plastic and real money

  • story 4
    Monday Apr 29

    Beware of odd transactions that happen often

    We tell you how people in charge can maximise performance and improve the usage of corporate travel cards

  • story 5
    Monday Apr 29

    The debt-free holiday option

    Hassle-free and easy to get, prepaid travel cards offer many benefits — but must be used with care

  • story 6
    Monday Apr 29

    For UAE Travellers

    Here’s all the information you need about UAE-based travel cards

  • story 7
    Monday Jul 30

    When in doubt, check it out

    Make sure you get the facts right on using your plastic overseas. GN Focus suggests some ways to ensure you don't get fleeced during your trip

  • story 8
    Monday Jul 30

    Pass to a perfect tour

    Travel has become even more attractive with a variety of packages. GN Focus looks at a few popular ones

  • story 9
    Monday Jul 30

    Spend trends: five to watch out for

    With time, more and more people will use credit, debit or prepaid cards when they travel. GN Focus offers an idea of where we’re headed

  • story 10
    Monday Jul 30

    Plastic goes the extra mile

    Banks and finance companies compete to offer the best travel perks for customers