GN Focus | Switzerland

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    Sunday Oct 20

    The right time for investment

    Having weathered the recession, Europe has been on asset managers’ lists this year and the case for investing in Switzerland is strong

  • story 2
    Sunday Oct 20

    UAE-Swiss relations ticking along nicely

    Trade agreements in the areas of watches, defence and sustainable energy solutions take relationship forward

  • story 3
    Sunday Oct 20

    Budget surplus on the horizon

    Aided by Europe’s recovery from financial turmoil and abetted by low interest rates and absence of inflation, 
the country is getting the fillip it needs for GDP growth

  • story 4
    Sunday Oct 20

    No longer a private matter

    Agreements and regulatory changes mean that many Swiss banks will pay heavy penalties to obtain legal certainty to avoid prosecution for aiding secret accounts. Can the industry ride out the storm?

  • story 5
    Sunday Oct 20

    Like clockwork

    Centuries-old know-how and new technology help Swiss horologers innovate and rev up their watchmaking

  • story 6
    Sunday Oct 20

    Wind of change

    With an ambitious roadmap to deploy green energy and renewables, Switzerland aims to cut down on costly fossil fuel imports and push sustainable innovations further

  • story 7
    Sunday Oct 20

    Switzerland top of the travel table

    The best tourist destination in the world becomes better as the health and wellness segments become more profitable

  • story 8
    Sunday Oct 20

    Combination therapy

    Are two of Switzerland’s leading pharmaceutical companies, Roche and Novartis, finally ready to make peace?

  • story 9
    Sunday Oct 20

    A class act

    When it comes to hospitality education, it’s the exciting job offers that lure students to Switzerland

  • story 10
    Sunday Oct 20

    Simply Swiss: What makes Swiss people unique

    Are the Swiss really crazy about raclette and fondue, and do they all name their children Heidi? GN Focus finds out from UAE-based Swiss expats