GN Focus | South Korea

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    Wednesday Oct 1

    Bilateral relations in robust condition

    New collaborations in health care have boosted an already solid partnership between the UAE and South Korea, with two-way trade at $24 billion

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    Wednesday Oct 1

    Peaceful nuclear energy takes top priority

    The results of UAE-Korean nuclear cooperation will begin to bear fruit by 2017, as the two countries work together on various aspects within the sector

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    Wednesday Oct 1

    Is the reign over?

    China is vying for the Korean industry's crown with cheaper, better electronics. Will it succeed?

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    Wednesday Oct 1

    In the driver’s seat

    The South Korean car industry has done well this year, but prepares for stiff competition from foreign carmakers

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    Sunday Dec 22

    Kimchi conquers the world

    Korean food is now more popular than ever as hungry hipsters in Dubai — and the world over — get passionate about their bulgogi

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    Sunday Dec 22

    K-food comes to the fore

    Seongdoo Ahn, Consul General of the Republic of Korea, tells us why the country’s cuisine is set to be the next big thing in the UAE

  • story 7
    Sunday Dec 22

    Ingredients for your K-kitchen

    Korean food has ingredients that are commonly found in Asian cuisines, as well as those exclusive to the peninsula

  • story 8
    Sunday Dec 22

    South Korean agriculture takes the organic route

    The sector turns to ecologically sustainable farming and farmer-consumer cooperatives to survive in a highly industrialised economy

  • story 9
    Sunday Dec 22

    19 things you didn’t know about Korean cuisine

    A traditional meal includes dishes in five different colours. Royal and temple foods taste similar. And rice was once used to pay taxes. Wonder why? Read on to find out

  • story 10
    Sunday Dec 22

    The UAE's tastiest Korean eateries

    Here is a selection of the very best Korean restaurants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai