GN Focus | South Africa

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    Friday Apr 27

    Digging deep for a solution

    Can the gold mining sector sustain its lustre?

  • story 2
    Friday Apr 27

    'It bag' that is hot stuff

    Developed in South Africa, Wonderbags are being used in 150,000 homes in the country

  • story 3
    Friday Apr 27

    Track duo defies the odds

    All eyes will be on Semenya and Pistorius at the summer Olympics, but they've still got to get there

  • story 4
    Friday Apr 27

    Of innovations, inventions and achievements

    South Africa boasts a wide range of entrepreneurial activity and innovations, from the practical to the bizarre

  • story 5
    Friday Apr 27

    The rise of the renewables

    Efforts towards ramping up green energy production, increasing power capacity and reducing carbon emissions will establish South Africa as a hub for export and service

  • story 6
    Friday Apr 27

    Fostering ties

    With the new South Africa turning 18 this year, Yacoob Abba Omar, Ambassador of South Africa to the UAE, says relations between the two nations have never been stronger

  • story 7
    Friday Apr 27

    The fairy tale economy

    With a 2012 economic growth forecast of 2.7 per cent, South Africa is geopolitically significant as a gateway into Africa