GN Focus | SME Loans

  • story 1
    Sunday Mar 2

    Dubai claims its share in a $5 billion enterprise

    Local platforms such as Aflamnah and Eureeca are 
channelling entrepreneurial initiative and helping the emirate 
put the UAE on the global crowdfunding map

  • story 2
    Sunday Mar 2

    So you want to be your own boss?

    Here are five points that can help steer your business from conception to reality

  • story 3
    Sunday Mar 2

    The potential of networking for SMEs

    Successful entrepreneurs say networking can bring tangible results for business

  • story 4
    Sunday Mar 2

    Bag that SME bank loan

    The rejection rate for SME bank loans in the UAE is one of the highest in the region. 
GN Prime finds out how to idiot-proof 
your application

  • story 5
    Sunday Mar 2

    Financial institutions focusing on SMEs

    Financial institutions and government departments are creating avenues to keep SMEs risk-resilient

  • story 6
    Wednesday Mar 27

    UAE SMEs form backbone of nation's economy

    How the state and banks are catering to small to medium-sized enterprises, a growing sector

  • story 7
    Wednesday Mar 27

    Fast-track your way up

    From navigating red tape to securing help for setting up a business plan, speed up the process of establishing an SME in the UAE with our guide

  • story 8
    Wednesday Mar 27

    Where to go when the banks say no

    Today, there are a number of alternative financing options, not just private equity or venture capitalists but more sophisticated programmes such as crowdfunding, barter deals and other non-bank sources

  • story 9
    Wednesday Mar 27

    How I did it

    Six SME entrepreneurs explain how they went about getting loans

  • story 10
    Wednesday Mar 27

    The tricky balancing act

    With their erratic management and often unsound financials, SMEs are risky loan clients, say UAE banks