GN Focus | Smartphones

  • story 1
    Thursday Nov 28

    Low-priced phones set the pace

    Market research suggests a shift to cheaper devices in nearly all categories is driving growth

  • story 2
    Thursday Nov 28

    A smarter breed arrives

    This trio of phones keeps the girlfriend out, takes better pictures and arranges your favourite contacts for you. Consider your festive gift list sorted

  • story 3
    Thursday Nov 28

    Apps + curiosity — do the math kid!

    The smart designs of programs can teach even difficult algebra concepts

  • story 4
    Thursday Nov 28

    Unplug, relax, take a digital detox

    Getaways, hotels with tech-free areas, apps and a National Day of Unplugging let people take a break from all things internet

  • story 5
    Thursday Nov 28

    Innovation: does it ring a bell?

    Brands need to think out of the box to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly fickle market

  • story 6
    Thursday Nov 28

    Keep that battery going

    Lower the brightness of your touch screen, turn off apps you’re not using and your smartphone’s battery will last longer

  • story 7
    Monday Jun 18

    Hail the conquering Android

    Is the little green guy ready to be crowned king?

  • story 8
    Monday Jun 18

    Future talk

    Thinner devices with larger screens and longer battery life that work across platforms and operating systems. GN Focus looks at where smartphones are headed

  • story 9
    Monday Jun 18

    Still a retailer's market?

    As UAE telecom operators bundle smart devices with data packages, is the country moving away to a new business model?

  • story 10
    Monday Jun 18

    Swifter, smarter, stronger

    GN Focus puts the latest smartphones in the market to the test. Find out which models got our resident technogeek reaching for his wallet