GN Focus | Smart Devices

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    Thursday Dec 5

    Life: there’s an app for that

    As humanity gets more and more comfortable inside a growing digital cocoon, a myriad of apps and devices are harnessing the web to fuel this integration

  • story 2
    Thursday Dec 5

    Combating child abuse on devices

    Predators have evolved alongside technology and parents must ensure their children are safe when using smart devices

  • story 3
    Thursday Dec 5

    Smart devices: Class of 2014

    As we wrap up the year in the boxes our gadgets arrived in, Features Writer Gareth Kurt Warren looks ahead to 2014 and the tech that will restart the cycle, from Apple to Sony

  • story 4
    Thursday Jun 27

    Market set to double

    Web-enabled devices are growing exponentially and expected to reach 2.4 billion units globally by 2016

  • story 5
    Thursday Jun 27

    The laptop is dead. Long live the laptop

    Much has been made of the death of the laptop, but it’s still here and manufacturers are even releasing new models. So what is the future of personal computing?

  • story 6
    Thursday Jun 27

    Spectacular specs

    Once the domain of nerds, eyewear will soon be too cool for school, thanks to Google Glass. The device will also have real-world applications

  • story 7
    Thursday Jun 27

    Myspace goes mobile

    The music-based social networking service now has an app

  • story 8
    Thursday Jun 27

    Your ebook rests your eyes

    Study finds readers reduce wear and tear

  • story 9
    Thursday Jun 27

    Battle for the airwaves

    iTunes Radio will go up against Google, Spotify, Pandora and

  • story 10
    Thursday Jun 27

    Hit the pause button

    Addicted to apps? There’s an app for that