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  • story 1
    Tuesday Jan 7

    Talk to the digital wall

    With the UAE an early adopter of new signage technologies, innovation is moving full steam ahead as the industry strives to connect minds

  • story 2
    Tuesday Jan 7

    SGI industries benefit from Dubai Expo 2020 win

    SGI Dubai has been marked as a key occasion on the calendar for the sign, graphics and imaging sectors on the back of positive news for a growing GCC economy

  • story 3
    Tuesday Jan 7

    For UAE automotive freaks

    Enthused UAE motorists can check out the coolest decals and designs for their vehicles at SGI 2014

  • story 4
    Tuesday Jan 7

    Retailers reap rewards as signage market rises

    With the battle for people’s attention intensifying, digital signage is set to carve out a larger chunk of the advertising economy

  • story 5
    Tuesday Jan 7

    Smarter signs stand out

    Innovations in technology serve brands trying to stand out amidst the clutter of hoarding neons

  • story 6
    Sunday Jan 20

    Digital takes over from traditional

    Bluetooth and augmented reality technologies are set to change the face of the signage industry in the UAE

  • story 7
    Sunday Jan 20

    Top exhibitors to converge at SGI

    Visitors at the exhibition will have the option of meeting different vendors based on their budgets

  • story 8
    Sunday Jan 20

    A picture of growth

    With high demand in the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the regional sign and graphics industry is expanding, while keeping pace with global trends