GN Focus | Ramadan

  • story 1
    Wednesday Jul 10

    Ramadan: Charity connects

    The click of a mouse can help a poor child through school or put food on the table for disadvantaged families this Ramadan. Yet, it’s the human touch that matters most

  • story 2
    Wednesday Jul 10

    Ramadan: Destination shopping

    Ramadan brings into focus the halal economy. It is the time when retail patterns change, new sellers and products enter the market and shoppers buy more than in any other month

  • story 3
    Wednesday Jul 10

    Ramadan: Creating a feast for the fasting

    Among the millions who will forgo food this month are the ones who will prepare delicacies for others. GN Focus asks two chefs how they cope

  • story 4
    Wednesday Jul 10

    Ramadan: The art of the fast

    There are fewer working hours yet work pressure remains the same. Experts tell us how to be productive and make the most of the festive month

  • story 5
    Wednesday Jul 10

    Ramadan in Turkey: Move over doner

    While the famous kebab may well be Istanbul’s claim to fame, there’s so much more to fall in love with

  • story 6
    Wednesday Jul 10

    Ramadan: Treat yourself to luxury and TLC

    Ramadan is a time for rejuvenation. We review two spas that will help you relax and glow this festive season

  • story 7
    Sunday Jul 15

    Ramadan: 30 days, 30 deeds

    Last Ramadan, US-based Pakistani writer Salma Hasan Ali taught her children to be generous and compassionate by doing one good deed a day. This year, she plans 30 Days, 30 Gratitudes

  • story 8
    Sunday Jul 15

    Ramadan: Entertainment galore

    Ramadan doesn't have to be the season when everything grinds to a halt. Here are some options on how you can make the most of the month

  • story 9
    Sunday Jul 15

    Resolutions of faith

    For many people, Ramadan has been life-changing. We spoke to a few of them to examine their views

  • story 10
    Sunday Jul 15

    Celebrating togetherness

    Lebanese mother of four Amne Kraike-Fakih tells us about her role in preparing tasty and nutritious dishes for her family during Ramadan, a time when people come together to share culinary traditions