GN Focus | Qatar

  • story 1
    Wednesday Dec 18

    Brothers in arms

    The two nations share a friendly relationship and it is expected to grow deeper with the appointment of the new ambassador to the UAE

  • story 2
    Wednesday Dec 18

    A flying force in its own right

    Qatar’s aviation model is tailored to its unique needs

  • story 3
    Wednesday Dec 18

    The heights of realty

    Qatar’s real estate growth, sparked by the 2022 Fifa World Cup, is driving the sector to new highs

  • story 4
    Wednesday Dec 18

    The Qatar conundrum

    The country’s hosting of the 2022 Fifa World Cup has recently come under media scrutiny. GN Focus outlines the issues and their impact

  • story 5
    Wednesday Dec 18

    Splashing out to cash in

    Billions poured into infrastructure projects will help the country reap the benefits come kick-off

  • story 6
    Wednesday Dec 18

    Chalk it up to education

    The country is partnering with top universities, investing in research and working across borders to create a sustainable knowledge economy

  • story 7
    Tuesday Dec 18

    Postcards from Doha

    Tradition meets modernity in the island state of Qatar. We take a photographic tour of some of the capital’s icons

  • story 8
    Tuesday Dec 18

    UAE-Qatar ties strong

    As close neighbours, Qatar and the UAE share a common heritage that stretches back to before the advent of Islam. Today, as both countries aim to diversify their economies, bilateral trade and relations are set to soar in the coming decade

  • story 9
    Tuesday Dec 18

    Qatar is ready to wow the world

    Winning the bid to host the Fifa World Cup 2022 has added a sense of urgency to the country’s infrastructural development

  • story 10
    Tuesday Dec 18

    Fifa’s most important event yet

    If football is the beautiful game, the furore surrounding the World Cup 2022 in Qatar is surely its ugly side. But the tournament can still redeem its reputation