GN Focus | Qatar

  • story 1
    Thursday Dec 18

    Small nation, deep pockets

    Qatar has emerged as a force to be reckoned with as it acquires major properties and brands across the world

  • story 2
    Thursday Dec 18

    5 roads to take

    Drive down these paths to discover Qatar’s stunning landscapes, singing sand dunes and petroglyphs

  • story 3
    Thursday Dec 18

    A nation stands with its partners

    The GCC Summit saw relations between Qatar and its GCC neighbours cemented in good will, with defence a key priority

  • story 4
    Wednesday Dec 18

    Brothers in arms

    The two nations share a friendly relationship and it is expected to grow deeper with the appointment of the new ambassador to the UAE

  • story 5
    Wednesday Dec 18

    The heights of realty

    Qatar’s real estate growth, sparked by the 2022 Fifa World Cup, is driving the sector to new highs

  • story 6
    Wednesday Dec 18

    The Qatar conundrum

    The country’s hosting of the 2022 Fifa World Cup has recently come under media scrutiny. GN Focus outlines the issues and their impact

  • story 7
    Wednesday Dec 18

    Splashing out to cash in

    Billions poured into infrastructure projects will help the country reap the benefits come kick-off

  • story 8
    Wednesday Dec 18

    Chalk it up to education

    The country is partnering with top universities, investing in research and working across borders to create a sustainable knowledge economy

  • story 9
    Wednesday Dec 18

    A flying force in its own right

    Qatar’s aviation model is tailored to its unique needs