GN Focus | Printers & Copiers

  • story 1
    Sunday Mar 31

    Sustainable by design

    From toner-saving techniques to inbuilt sleep modes, here’s how to spot a smart machine that is high on productivity and low on wastage

  • story 2
    Sunday Mar 31

    Growing pains

    Forecasts predict that while the road ahead for the printing and copier industry looks bleak, the market will recover if new technologies are tapped

  • story 3
    Sunday Mar 31

    Designer details

    Printers transform into cool multitasking devices with new apps and functions that ensure fun and creativity

  • story 4
    Sunday Mar 31

    Making the right impression

    The type of printer and the kind of technology it uses can make a huge difference to a company’s operating costs. For those confused by the wide variety on the market, our experts explain what to look out for

  • story 5
    Sunday Mar 31

    Sci-fi comes to life

    As printers become sexy again, 3D printing could usher in the next industrial revolution