GN Focus | Personal Loans

  • story 1
    Thursday Jan 29

    Oil, QE, GDP and me

    Global financial events can affect personal investments. GN Focus explains how

  • story 2
    Thursday Jan 29

    ’Tis the season for borrowing

    Early in the year could be the right time to avail of a personal loan with consumers seeking to take stock of their debts after excessive holiday spending. Here’s what you need to know if you’re looking for one

  • story 3
    Thursday Jan 29

    Invest for yourself

    Apps and user content drive the trend for DIY money management. GN Focus examines the pros and cons of being your own investment advisor

  • story 4
    Sunday Apr 6

    Unlocking the true potential for credit

    New credit bureau will shake up the UAE’s financial sector

  • story 5
    Sunday Apr 6

    Spending tracker: Map your financial footprint

    Forward planning helps you ensure a stable future. Our panel of experts points out how

  • story 6
    Sunday Apr 6

    Shop for the best loans

    Here’s a look at offerings from some of the UAE’s financial institutions

  • story 7
    Sunday Apr 6

    Hidden loan contract clauses you need to avoid

    8 questions you need to ask yourself when applying for a loan in the UAE

  • story 8
    Sunday May 12

    Clearing the air on loan procedures

    Hina Navin provides the low-down on bank processes in order to get that all-important approval

  • story 9
    Sunday May 12

    A relationship to bank on

    Even as a credit bureau becomes reality in the UAE, loyal consumers can already get preferential rates at financial institutions, finds Specialist Writer Shalini Seth

  • story 10
    Sunday May 12

    What’s the cheapest loan?

    There are several choices available to consumers looking for a quick injection of funds. GN Focus looks at some financing options available in the UAE and examines how expensive they are in terms of short-term liabilities