GN Focus | Pakistan

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    Sunday Mar 23

    Pakistan property market picks up

    Despite the slow growth of the real estate sector in 2013, rising consumer confidence signals stability and brighter times ahead with Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad leading the way

  • story 2
    Sunday Mar 23

    Pakistan spawns superheroes

    Move over Marvel and DC. Pakistan now has its own caped crusaders

  • story 3
    Sunday Mar 23

    Long-awaited economic upturn for Pakistan

    Reforms and austerity have bolstered the economy. The fiscal year’s first quarter saw GDP grow 5 per cent, exceeding the expectations of many

  • story 4
    Sunday Mar 23

    Pakistan stock exchanges punching above weight

    The country's stock exchanges, already on an upward trend in the past few months, is expecting a further boost through the privatisation of various government entities and blue-chip companies. Is this the time to invest?

  • story 5
    Thursday Mar 20

    UAE-Pakistan ties strong as ever

    A strong culture of friendship runs between the countries based on people, assistance and trade

  • story 6
    Thursday Mar 20

    Pakistan vs India in the UAE?

    If an agreement is reached, this winter could see the return of one of world cricket’s most iconic rivalries, Pakistan vs India, in Dubai

  • story 7
    Thursday Mar 20

    Liberal literature pushes Pakistan boundaries

    Recent books and films coming out of the country are treading where few have dared before

  • story 8
    Wednesday Aug 14

    Ten ways to make a mark

    From academics to athletics, Pakistan is brimming with youthful talent that is beginning to change its creative landscape

  • story 9
    Wednesday Aug 14

    Game for change: how sport aids development

    This independence day, GN Focus takes a look at how sport is helping the development of Pakistan’s youth, despite security and economic challenges

  • story 10
    Wednesday Aug 14

    New bridges set to improve UAE-Pakistan ties

    Bilateral trade stands at $8.4 billion, but Pakistan and the UAE are also focused on joint humanitarian efforts