GN Focus | Onam

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    Sunday Sep 7

    Where Dubai feasts

    Celebrity chefs and the denizens of Dubai talk about their favourite Keralite food haunts, while recommending the best picks from the menus

  • story 2
    Sunday Sep 7

    Gaza support call this Onam

    As Jerusalem olive oil is launched in Kerala and the UAE, the politically aware Malayali is being asked to support Palestine this harvest season

  • story 3
    Sunday Sep 7

    Five ways Onam has changed

    From ten days of fun and feasting, Onam has evolved into a consumer-centric — even instant — festival that keeps pace with our times

  • story 4
    Sunday Sep 7

    The warriors arise

    Kerala’s race boats, a staple in the state’s many tourism campaigns, form an integral part of its impressive naval history

  • story 5
    Sunday Sep 7

    Where to eat sadya in the UAE

    Keralites know all about this annual vegetarian banquet, but how do others relate to the most important Onam tradition?

  • story 6
    Sunday Sep 7

    Threads that bind

    The gold thread in kasavu saris has a story to tell as it passes through the hands of craftsmen in Gujarat to handloom weavers in Kerala