GN Focus | Office Automation

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    Monday May 20

    Go on, make the switch

    As eco-awareness catches on in workspaces across the UAE, a range of new automation products and services is on hand to help reduce carbon footprints

  • story 2
    Monday May 20

    Convergence drives change

    An emphasis on mobility, social media and the cloud is guiding office automation

  • story 3
    Monday May 20

    Do your gadgets make the right impression?

    Power dressing is as much about the right tech as it is about sharp suits, say executives

  • story 4
    Monday May 20

    Tech goes the enterprise

    Technological innovations, services and challenges are changing how businesses interact with employees and clients, and how they conduct their business globally

  • story 5
    Monday May 20

    Now trending at the Office

    New companies from around the globe make a strong line-up at today’s Office Exhibition

  • story 6
    Tuesday May 15

    Show of hands, please!

    The phrase 'talk to the hand' may soon be a valid response from corporate employees, bank customers and members of various clubs when asked to verify their credentials while accessing office spaces, data servers or laptops

  • story 7
    Tuesday May 15

    The modern workplace means more efficiency

    A range of innovative services and products prove that cost reduction, competence, collaboration and connectivity are the catchwords of today's offices

  • story 8
    Tuesday May 15

    Residents take their pick of BYOD devices for the workplace

    Which device do you bring to office and why? UAE residents and BYOD believers tell GN Focus

  • story 9
    Tuesday May 15

    Now trending at work: #BYOD

    With employees using their own devices on enterprise networks, data and network security and bandwidth allocation become primary concerns

  • story 10
    Tuesday May 15

    Bringing together the best in the business

    The Office Exhibition 2012 is all set to display designer furniture from 130 exhibitors spanning the globe