GN Focus | Norway

  • story 1
    Sunday Nov 11

    Peak season

    Forgiving trees, great descents and powder fields ensure an influx of tourists in Sogndal, says Susan Greenwood

  • story 2
    Sunday Nov 11

    Boom time for corporate bonds

    With sales hitting 82 billion kroner and falling interest rates, the market looks ahead to a record-setting year

  • story 3
    Sunday Nov 11

    Moving ahead hand in hand

    The UAE is Norway’s largest export market in the Middle East. The country’s ambassador, Åse Elin Bjerke, says a new agreement will boost trade volumes further

  • story 4
    Sunday Nov 11

    Importing the festive spirit

    Norwegians bring their own flavour of food and fun to the UAE and find that the international mix is a happy one

  • Sunday Nov 11

    Shipper makes big waves

    Norway’s Golar LNG orders its first floating LNG plant, entering a business long denied to shipping companies

  • story 6
    Sunday Nov 11

    The seafarers’ nation

    Norway’s maritime industry contributed about €15.5 billion to the country’s GDP last year. The sector is now at the forefront of global development

  • story 7
    Sunday Nov 11

    Riding on riches

    Low interest rates, high income growth and high oil prices have secured Norway’s future

  • story 8
    Sunday Nov 11

    Communication revolution

    Staying connected in the maritime industry has never been easier

  • story 9
    Wednesday Nov 7

    Keeping the oil barrel steady

    Despite exploration costs and a weak global economy, the oil and gas sector accounts for 47 per cent of Norway’s total export