GN Focus | Netherlands

  • story 1
    Tuesday Apr 30

    Amsterdam on a stopover

    Even on a quick tour the capital puts its best foot forward, offering art, palaces, tulips and food

  • story 2
    Tuesday Apr 30

    The spice route revisited

    With a new Dutch restaurant opening in Dubai, we look at how these former spice traders are conquering the world again

  • story 3
    Tuesday Apr 30

    Safe shores

    Long considered experts in water management, the Dutch approach now involves building multi-use structures and widening river overflow areas

  • story 4
    Tuesday Apr 30

    Make your home in 3D

    Amsterdam-based DUS Architects pioneered one of the hottest construction trends in recent times

  • story 5
    Tuesday Apr 30

    Flexible entrepreneurs

    Persistence, patience, pizzazz and quirky products allow the Dutch to make a mark on the UAE’s SME sector

  • story 6
    Tuesday Apr 30

    Reclaiming lost ground

    Dutch companies in the UAE have a long tradition of being involved with some of Dubai’s mammoth projects. The trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down

  • story 7
    Tuesday Apr 30

    The nexus of sustainability

    Dutch firms are proving their prowess in providing answers to the world’s energy, water and food issues

  • story 8
    Tuesday Apr 30

    The windmills of debt

    The Netherlands, one of Europe’s debt-ridden crisis states, is also facing a bubble in its property sector

  • story 9
    Tuesday Apr 30

    A firm grip on business

    The UAE is the Netherlands’ largest export partner in the GCC, and trade between the two nations grows steadily

  • story 10
    Tuesday Apr 30

    Tot ziens

    As Queen Beatrix says goodbye after a 33-year reign as the longest-serving Dutch monarch, we look back at her reign and her life