GN Focus | Japan

  • story 1
    Sunday Apr 28

    Abenomics: a game changer for Japan?

    There are signs that the country is due for an economic revival, and new premier Shinzo Abe’s growth strategy is a step forward

  • story 2
    Sunday Apr 28

    The Zen of retail

    Daiso, Kinokuniya and Muji have created a penchant for quality, great design and a thorough inventory among their shoppers, making the UAE second home to Japanese retail

  • story 3
    Sunday Apr 28

    Ready to reboot

    Japan used to be the temple of technology. But big foreign companies are now stealing the market from right under its nose. What does the future hold?

  • story 4
    Sunday Apr 28

    Majors accelerate past negative forecasts

    Strong sales figures in the UAE have helped the Japanese automobile industry shift gears and aim for pole position again

  • story 5
    Sunday Apr 28

    The cool campaign

    Japanese culture served with Middle Eastern flavour

  • story 6
    Sunday Apr 28

    Entering a new chapter

    As the sun rises on another successful decade, we look at Japan’s bilateral bond with the UAE and the future of the relationship

  • story 7
    Sunday Apr 28

    Medical devices industry comes of age

    Japan is an ageing nation with more than 20 per cent of its population over the age of 65 as of 2010. However, its medical equipment industry is among the fastest growing globally

  • story 8
    Sunday Apr 28

    Fit for an emperor

    Distinct in character, Japanese sweetmeats introduce you to a whole new realm of textures and tastes

  • story 9
    Sunday Apr 28

    Sweet smell of success

    Japanese know-how fuses with the Arabian tradition of incense making to create marketable products

  • story 10
    Sunday Dec 9

    Country to phase out nuclear power

    With efforts being made towards tapping renewables and reducing consumption, Japan’s energy policy gets a much needed revamp