GN Focus | Japan

  • story 1
    Wednesday Apr 30

    Recall for correction

    The millions of Toyota vehicles impacted have sent a ripple through the industry

  • story 2
    Wednesday Apr 30

    Made in Japan health products see growth

    Features Writer Chiranti Sengupta looks at how the multibillion-dollar medical technology industry is making massive strides in the region

  • story 3
    Wednesday Apr 30

    Ministry of Cool

    Global pop culture is influenced by Japanese concepts of cuteness, beauty, imperfection and simplicity. GN Focus explores the appeal

  • story 4
    Wednesday Apr 30

    UAE-Japan trade to power ahead

    The UAE and Japan have a wide range of diplomatic and economic connections, and both countries see the scope for more alliances

  • story 5
    Wednesday Apr 30

    Expats safeguarding Japanese culture

    Respected by all nationalities, it’s a country with rich cultural traditions that are strongly represented by its expatriate citizens

  • story 6
    Wednesday Apr 30

    Japanese business in the UAE

    As the UAE and Japan strengthen relations, Iona Stanley studies the outlook for different sectors and summarises what they are doing in the UAE

  • story 7
    Wednesday Apr 30

    Ancient Kyoto calling Middle East residents

    Kyoto City opens Japan’s tourism office in the UAE, its first in the Middle East

  • story 8
    Wednesday Apr 30

    UAE hungers for a real Japanese deal

    The need for authentic Japanese fare in Dubai is growing, say city chefs

  • story 9
    Sunday Apr 28

    Abenomics: a game changer for Japan?

    There are signs that the country is due for an economic revival, and new premier Shinzo Abe’s growth strategy is a step forward

  • story 10
    Sunday Apr 28

    The Zen of retail

    Daiso, Kinokuniya and Muji have created a penchant for quality, great design and a thorough inventory among their shoppers, making the UAE second home to Japanese retail