GN Focus | Japan

  • story 1
    Wednesday Feb 25

    Smartphones get smarter

    What are Japan's former powerhouses doing to stay relevant in a highly competitive market?

  • story 2
    Wednesday Feb 25

    Embrace the robolution

    With Japanese hotels, banks and shops turning to them, 2015 could be the tipping year for robots

  • story 3
    Wednesday Feb 25

    Found in translation

    Japan is one of the world’s most exotic and esoteric destinations, and despite two trips, GN Focus still finds it hard to say sayonara

  • story 4
    Wednesday Feb 25

    UAE and Japan: Partners through thick and thin

    Trade between the two countries grew to $54.1 billion last year, while they're also united against Daesh

  • story 5
    Wednesday Feb 25

    Works that move minds

    Art aficionados in the UAE will have greater access to the Japanese aesthetic with more exhibitions, fairs and even a gallery

  • story 6
    Wednesday Feb 25

    Japan: Signs of recovery, but outlook subdued

    The world’s third-largest economy looks to be improving after a decade of stagnation. But is Abenomics sustainable?

  • story 7
    Tuesday Feb 24

    More than just sushi and ramen

    The UAE’s love affair with Japanese cuisine shows no signs of abating as outlets get ever more creative

  • story 8
    Wednesday Apr 30

    Recall for correction

    The millions of Toyota vehicles impacted have sent a ripple through the industry

  • story 9
    Wednesday Apr 30

    Made in Japan health products see growth

    Features Writer Chiranti Sengupta looks at how the multibillion-dollar medical technology industry is making massive strides in the region

  • story 10
    Wednesday Apr 30

    Ministry of Cool

    Global pop culture is influenced by Japanese concepts of cuteness, beauty, imperfection and simplicity. GN Focus explores the appeal