GN Focus | Islamic Finance

  • story 1
    Wednesday Apr 9

    Consider a career in Islamic finance

    Skilled Islamic finance professionals are in huge demand as the sector prepares to cater to a Muslim population of 2.5 billion by 2020

  • story 2
    Wednesday Apr 2

    Rules of engagement

    Even as more banks launch Islamic products, there is worldwide consensus on the need for regulation so they become legally and religiously credible

  • story 3
    Wednesday Apr 2

    Global hotspots and potential newcomers

    Dubai’s ambition to become an Islamic finance hub has caught the attention of the international financial community. GN Focus takes a look at the regions aiming to dominate the industry

  • story 4
    Wednesday Apr 2

    Takaful in good health

    Dubai’s mandatory health insurance law will boost the evolution of the Sharia-compliant sector

  • story 5
    Wednesday Mar 20

    The world’s new bellwether

    Dubai is drawing up heady plans to become a global hub for Islamic finance. We examine the challenges and advantages that lie ahead

  • story 6
    Wednesday Mar 20

    Sukuk bridge the investment gap in infrastructure

    The growing appetite for large infrastructure projects especially in Asia is one of the drivers of Islamic bonds

  • story 7
    Wednesday Mar 20

    From Indonesia and Malaysia to London

    While two countries have long served as beacons for the UAE’s nascent Islamic finance sector, one city has suddenly become a new role model

  • story 8
    Wednesday Mar 20

    Looking for halal alpha in Dubai

    Halal needs to move from certification and ingredients to an asset class

  • story 9
    Wednesday Mar 20

    Islamic finance sector must look past traditional markets

    Complex product structures, liquidity management and best practice are some challenges facing the sector today

  • Tuesday Mar 19

    A Sharia guide to wealth

    What can Islamic finance contribute to personal wealth? A look at halal principles in investment