GN Focus | India Properties

  • story 1
    Sunday Oct 27

    Unusual suspects

    Five small unfamiliar towns across the country that are rising in importance as real estate centres

  • story 2
    Sunday Oct 27

    From rents to riches

    Easier legal framework, increasing tariff and innovative concepts have made leasing lucrative for property owners in India

  • story 3
    Sunday Oct 27

    Beyond your wildest dreams

    From Disney decor to Mediterranean styles, developers are capturing the imagination of wealthy investors

  • story 4
    Sunday Oct 27

    Investment wise

    Five expats explain where and why they’re buying property in India and the UAE

  • story 5
    Sunday Oct 27

    Seeking a slice of tradition

    Residences built in the ancient style are popular with NRIs who desire new homes that reflect the architecture and heritage of Indian states

  • story 6
    Sunday Oct 27

    Rise of the titans

    As the world heads skywards, India joins the super-tall club

  • story 7
    Sunday Oct 27

    Get the foundation right

    Buyers need to be vigilant about building quality and ensure all clauses are stated in the agreement before investing to avoid any cracks in the deed

  • story 8
    Wednesday May 29

    Cities within cities

    Integrated townships, a growing phenomenon in India, could be the solution to the country’s housing problem

  • story 9
    Wednesday May 29

    Best of the best

    India’s real estate market is booming, and these are its development hotspots

  • story 10
    Wednesday May 29

    Wait for cheaper loans

    The recent cuts may well be the beginning of a softer interest rate regime and home loan customers can expect even lower rates in the future