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    Saturday Jan 26

    Trade figures better than ever

    India and the UAE share vibrant and mutually beneficial economic ties that are only improving with time, says Ambassador M.K. Lokesh

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    Saturday Jan 26

    Welcoming millions

    Uttar Pradesh is putting its best foot forward for this year’s Maha Kumbh Mela, which should be bigger than ever

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    Saturday Jan 26

    Growth beyond borders

    Last year, Indian companies were involved in some 1,123 foreign deals, worth about $43.8 billion. Here are the most notable mergers and acquisitions

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    Saturday Jan 26

    Is your succession plan in place?

    Trusts can help ensure that your wealth goes to the intended beneficiaries after your death

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    Saturday Jan 26

    Not just footprints in the sand

    The Danube Group has intrinsic ties with the history of the UAE and Rizwan Sajan is honoured to have contributed to the development of the nation

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    Saturday Jan 26

    Take 2

    We’ve seen their first cinematic efforts, but what can we expect this year from last year’s crop of Bollywood debutants?

  • story 7
    Saturday Jan 26

    The modern classic

    Practitioners of Indian music are well versed in the ancient tradition, while keeping it relevant to the current generation

  • story 8
    Saturday Jan 26

    Expert Speak: Sanjay Dutt

    Consider tier-2 and -3 cities

  • story 9
    Saturday Jan 26

    Expert Speak: Lakshmi Iyer

    Good times ahead

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