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  • story 1
    Wednesday Aug 15

    The cost of comfort

    Higher incomes, growing aspirations and international influences ensure a booming luxury housing market in India

  • story 2
    Wednesday Aug 15

    Patterns of investment: the NRI angle

    With more than 10 per cent of the NRI community constituting HNWIs, there is now a growing interest in investment trends

  • story 3
    Wednesday Aug 15

    B-schools gain a foothold

    With a constantly evolving business education landscape, are the UAE’s B-schools value for money for its Indian students?

  • story 4
    Wednesday Aug 15

    Game on for Gen Z

    From Indian Premier League gear and speciality training for children to protein supplements and football-only channels, India has recently begun to rediscover ‘khel’

  • story 5
    Wednesday Aug 15

    The price of influence

    Ever wonder what it takes to be the crème de la crème of India? GN Focus guides you to the top of the influence pyramid, where you have to be better than the best to be noticed

  • story 6
    Wednesday Aug 15

    Bollywood thinks small town again

    It may be raw, dusty and rough, but rural India is making a comeback as the latest go-to location for film-makers

  • story 7
    Wednesday Aug 15

    Drawn to the Raj

    Prints and etchings once allowed curious Britons to see the wonders of the East. Today, they can round out your portfolio

  • story 8
    Wednesday Aug 15

    In India’s flavour

    From biryanis to bread, subcontinental food takes global ingredients and recipes, and gives them a desi makeover

  • story 9
    Wednesday Aug 15

    The influentials

    We pay tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Indian expat

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