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  • story 1
    Thursday Aug 15

    Flight of fancy

    Plan a holiday to any of these five places to nurture your soul 
in a country where life is often treated as one long vacation

  • story 2
    Thursday Aug 15

    Four the love of music

    Straddling Bollywood and crisp jazz, Indiva are the sound of contemporary India

  • story 3
    Thursday Aug 15

    Death to the Bollywood stereotypes

    South Indians have always been a cliché in the Hindi film industry. However, some new movies are closer to reality and, surprisingly, the audience has been accepting the change

  • story 4
    Thursday Aug 15

    The award for best award show goes to...

    India’s film industry is increasingly being celebrated with shiny gongs all around the world, including the UAE. But are there too many?

  • story 5
    Thursday Aug 15

    Japanese fish processor is biggest collector of Indian art

    Ahead of Jogen Chowdhury’s solo exhibition at the Sovereign gallery in Dubai in October, veteran collector Masanori Fukuoka opens up about his covetable collection of Indian art

  • story 6
    Thursday Aug 15

    Food: Where classic meets the contemporary

    Ananta at The Oberoi, Dubai, caters to traditionalists and experienced diners alike

  • story 7
    Thursday Aug 15

    Not just a bag of spices

    In a culinary ode to India, 
GN Focus gets three dynamic chefs from the UAE to recreate classic dishes using Indian ingredients and influences

  • story 8
    Thursday Aug 15

    Angst, unmasked

    Protests aren’t limited to candlelit vigils in the aftermath of the Arab Spring and Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement. Staff Writer Saba Siddiqui spotlights six young Indians who are finding new ways to make a point

  • story 9
    Thursday Aug 15

    An Indian education at home in the Emirates

    India’s top universities are launching innovative courses for expatriate students in the UAE

  • story 10
    Thursday Aug 15

    Plot of gold: Top Indian real estate investments

    High returns on real estate are a matter of finding the right property in the right place at the right time. Here are five promising picks from across India’s realty spectrum, priced from Rs16 lakh (Dh100,000) to Rs16 crore (Dh10,000,000)

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