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    Thursday Aug 15

    Plot of gold: Top Indian real estate investments

    High returns on real estate are a matter of finding the right property in the right place at the right time. Here are five promising picks from across India’s realty spectrum, priced from Rs16 lakh (Dh100,000) to Rs16 crore (Dh10,000,000)

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    Thursday Aug 15

    Wheel of fortune

    Stefan Hofer, Emerging Market Strategist and Head of Research Hong Kong, Julius Baer, on money matters

  • story 3
    Thursday Aug 15

    Bank on India, profit from diversity

    New developments in India’s traditional asset classes could make a big difference to contemporary investors

  • story 4
    Thursday Aug 15

    Bright year ahead for Indian IT firms

    As the IT sector records excellent growth figures in the first quarter, the financial year ahead looks bright

  • story 5
    Thursday Aug 15

    The brand value of India's heritage

    Treasured as living legacy, tradition and craft, India’s jewellery and textile sectors are inching towards corporatisation

  • story 6
    Thursday Aug 15

    Global players in fight for India’s skies

    As the world assesses the country’s aviation sector, with frenetic activity defining the last year, those with keen foresight will prevail

  • story 7
    Thursday Aug 15

    Is Consul General Verma headed to Africa?

    Sanjay Verma, Consul General of India, is believed to be leaving Dubai for the AU amid expansion of India’s economic, political and strategic footprint in the continent

  • story 8
    Saturday Jan 26

    How will your portfolio look?

    India, with its tumultuous politics, shifting policies and wavering economy, can be a daunting place to make investments. But industry is upbeat, researchers optimistic, and investors bullish

  • story 9
    Saturday Jan 26

    Raising the bar on investment

    While corporate support reflects in India’s achievements on the cricket field, a dearth of the same buries the nation’s dreams for Olympic glory. But there is hope ahead

  • story 10
    Saturday Jan 26

    Supersized appetite

    India is ravenous for fast-food, and insiders say the industry is only set to grow, thanks to the country’s changing demographics

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