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    Sunday Jan 26

    The NRI factor

    Riding on emotion, bandwidth, business interest and disposable income, non-resident Indians are driving electoral success

  • story 2
    Sunday Jan 26

    Closer than ever

    NRIs around the world campaigned for years to exercise political franchise. But their on-ground presence does little to justify it

  • story 3
    Sunday Jan 26

    India’s middle class makes its mark

    All elections are about change, but with the rise of the AAP, May’s showdown holds out hope of systemic transformation

  • story 4
    Sunday Jan 26

    Next man in

    Sachin Tendulkar enjoyed a glorious 24-year batting career, retiring as one of cricket’s most revered icons. We review a list of potential candidates capable of taking on his mantle

  • story 5
    Sunday Jan 26

    The Little Master’s rise 
above politics

    With his receipt of the Bharat Ratna being seen as a political move, Sachin Tendulkar is seeking to protect his iconic image from distortion

  • story 6
    Tuesday Jan 21

    No longer a 
class apart

    Employable rural youth are central 
to the National University Student Skill Development Programme. GN Focus chats with its mastermind

  • story 7
    Thursday Aug 15

    Population is answer to India’s growth problem

    India’s population of 1.241 billion is its greatest strength. A wide range of inclusive approaches are helping improve the quality of life for a majority usually relegated to the fringes

  • story 8
    Thursday Aug 15

    UAE and India team up to secure the future

    Trade between the UAE and India will touch a whopping $75 billion this year, and business will only be boosted by an official visit by Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh later this year

  • story 9
    Thursday Aug 15

    Indian economy will benefit from a shot in the arm

    Battling against a depreciating rupee, lack of investments and domestic problems, the economy needs a serious turnaround to bounce back on to the path of overall progress

  • story 10
    Thursday Aug 15

    Football authorities back IPL-style league

    Football Federation kicks off plan to host franchise-based tournament in 2014

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