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    Friday Aug 15

    Picket fence towns attract growth

    Smaller, secondary cities in India are not only popular with residents, but also becoming investment hotspots for non-resident investors who want to diversify their portfolio

  • Friday Aug 15

    Getting off to a flying start?

    Despite in-house squabbles, fierce competition and red tape, India’s aviation sector is hoping to revive itself on the back of foreign direct investment and a favourable budget

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    Friday Aug 15

    Retail in therapy

    While domestic retailers clamour for a piece of the e-commerce pie, international brands find that doors are not closed for foreign direct investment in India

  • story 4
    Friday Aug 15

    The corner office for women in India Inc.

    Will having a woman on the board of every company bridge the gender gap for corporate India? 
GN Focus speaks to women at the helm

  • story 5
    Friday Aug 15

    Gujarat as beta

    A close look at the growth of the state in the past decade shows that several changes are needed for it to be a universal example

  • story 6
    Friday Aug 15

    What industry wants...

    …is what it gets, or does it? It got the government it was rooting for, but the budget has elicited muted cheer

  • story 7
    Friday Aug 15

    New guard, renewed hope

    While the raised import tax on gold saw trade decline, constructive efforts by both governments to safeguard Indian workers’ rights are bolstering ties between India and the UAE

  • story 8
    Friday Aug 15

    Rise of the Indian bravehearts

    It’s a new wave of entrepreneurship as fresh college graduates increasingly look to hire instead of being hired

  • story 9
    Friday Aug 15

    The call of the great Indian rhino

    Pursuing the one-horned rhinoceros on elephantback in Kaziranga National Park in Assam is an adventure to remember

  • story 10
    Friday Aug 15

    India Sport Inc.

    With the all-new Indian Super League kicking off in September, GN Focus takes a look at the future of corporatised sport in India

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