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    Friday Aug 15

    Indian students flock to the UAE

    Lower costs, less competition, burgeoning career prospects and an assured future are a huge draw for Indians looking to study here

  • story 2
    Friday Aug 15

    Empowering a new generation of leaders

    The UAE-based Faizal and Shabana Foundation hopes to 
upgrade and rebuild 100 government schools in Kerala by 
2019. Patricia Tellis tells us more about Mission 100

  • story 3
    Friday Aug 15

    Trading places in showbiz

    Bollywood makes good of its corporate connections to chart a new course for growth and global reach

  • story 4
    Friday Aug 15

    India Sport Inc.

    With the all-new Indian Super League kicking off in September, GN Focus takes a look at the future of corporatised sport in India

  • story 5
    Friday Aug 15

    The call of the great Indian rhino

    Pursuing the one-horned rhinoceros on elephantback in Kaziranga National Park in Assam is an adventure to remember

  • story 6
    Friday Aug 15

    Rise of the Indian bravehearts

    It’s a new wave of entrepreneurship as fresh college graduates increasingly look to hire instead of being hired

  • story 7
    Sunday Jan 26

    Indian expats mark 65th Republic Day

    Hundreds of NRIs gather at the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi to celebrate the Republic Day

  • story 8
    Sunday Jan 26

    Taking it to the next level

    With the signing of the crucial bilateral agreement last year, the UAE is expected to invest billions in Indian infrastructure projects

  • story 9
    Sunday Jan 26

    Next man in

    Sachin Tendulkar enjoyed a glorious 24-year batting career, retiring as one of cricket’s most revered icons. We review a list of potential candidates capable of taking on his mantle

  • story 10
    Sunday Jan 26

    The Little Master’s rise 
above politics

    With his receipt of the Bharat Ratna being seen as a political move, Sachin Tendulkar is seeking to protect his iconic image from distortion

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