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    Monday Jan 26

    Cut out for the top job

    Is Narendra Modi proving to be as successful as he claimed? Eight months since he was sworn in, Shashi Baliga attempts to take stock

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    Monday Jan 26

    Poised for a homecoming

    Modi has declared it India’s gift to the world, and with an estimated 250 million practitioners around the globe, yoga is one of the country’s biggest exports. Now, to maximise the benefits…

  • story 3
    Monday Jan 26

    Bhuj: Hope over history

    The city has risen admirably from the rubble of the 2001 earthquake to reinvent its artisan culture

  • story 4
    Monday Jan 26

    Blue-collar workers raise red flag over remittance tax

    The proposed service tax on transferring money to India is creating chaos among low-income expatriates, but irrespective of economic status, non-resident Indians in the UAE want it abolished

  • story 5
    Friday Aug 15

    What is India’s subsistence quotient?

    While investor-friendliness is something every developing economy aspires for, GN Focus makes a case for inclusive policies

  • story 6
    Friday Aug 15

    India is attractive to foreign brands

    Investing in single-brand retail may be slow, but international companies are vying to grab market share

  • story 7
    Friday Aug 15

    Trading places in showbiz

    Bollywood makes good of its corporate connections to chart a new course for growth and global reach

  • story 8
    Friday Aug 15

    Empowering a new generation of leaders

    The UAE-based Faizal and Shabana Foundation hopes to 
upgrade and rebuild 100 government schools in Kerala by 
2019. Patricia Tellis tells us more about Mission 100

  • story 9
    Friday Aug 15

    Indian students flock to the UAE

    Lower costs, less competition, burgeoning career prospects and an assured future are a huge draw for Indians looking to study here

  • story 10
    Friday Aug 15

rising expectations

    Even as market sentiment improves with the formation of a stable government at the centre, city developers wait for the removal of regulatory bottlenecks as buyers hope for a price correction

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