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    Sunday Jan 26

    Indian expats mark 65th Republic Day

    Hundreds of NRIs gather at the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi to celebrate the Republic Day

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    Sunday Jan 26

    Taking it to the next level

    With the signing of the crucial bilateral agreement last year, the UAE is expected to invest billions in Indian infrastructure projects

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    Sunday Jan 26

    Next man in

    Sachin Tendulkar enjoyed a glorious 24-year batting career, retiring as one of cricket’s most revered icons. We review a list of potential candidates capable of taking on his mantle

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    Sunday Jan 26

    The Little Master’s rise 
above politics

    With his receipt of the Bharat Ratna being seen as a political move, Sachin Tendulkar is seeking to protect his iconic image from distortion

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    Sunday Jan 26

    The votes are in

    Many political constituencies are worth visiting in their own right. In the lead-up to the 2014 general elections, 
we look at some 
of these

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    Sunday Jan 26

    Chasing green

    India’s organic and herbal products manufacturers are competing for shelf space in foreign groceries and pharmacies on their own terms

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    Sunday Jan 26

    Poised for a bull run

    Political hopes are weighed against practical results as the world waits on India and its investment scenario following the elections

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    Sunday Jan 26

    On the road to recovery

    After a rather dismal period last year, the Indian real estate market looks all set to pick up pace

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    Sunday Jan 26

    Call to 

    With the upcoming general elections, 
it’s a critical year for India. But how will 
the new government influence the economy? 
Features Writer Sanaya Pavri asks the experts

  • story 10
    Sunday Jan 26

    Yardstick for growth

    The Indian economy has faced its darkest hour, say experts, forecasting GDP growth of 7 per cent following the 
general elections

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