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    Thursday Feb 20

    Stable UAE market prevents bubble

    Tough financing regulations will protect end users when purchasing property and help to keep a lid on escalating prices, thereby stabilising the sector

  • story 2
    Thursday Feb 20

    Making the mortgage cap fit

    New limits on loan-to-value ratios will ensure that buyers don’t borrow more than they can afford to repay, preventing the market from boiling over

  • story 3
    Thursday Feb 20

    Are UAE banks lending enough?

    Questions arise as to whether lenders can provide the finance to counteract the use of cash to buy

  • story 4
    Thursday Feb 20

    Hot UAE investment properties for 2014

    With the country's real estate market enjoying an upswing, this is the year to invest your wealth and 
reap the financial rewards

  • Thursday Feb 20

    2014 property market trends

    Jones Lang LaSalle highlights key characteristics of the UAE market in its 2014 Top Trends report

  • story 6
    Thursday Feb 20

    Avoid the loan guarantor trap

    Owners who default on mortgages leave guarantors with a hefty price to pay

  • story 7
    Thursday Feb 20

    Buying property in Dubai makes more sense

    With property values predicted to grow by 15 per cent this year, it’s no wonder renting is seen as throwing money down the drain

  • story 8
    Sunday Sep 8

    The ABC of CBDs

    Expanding economic activity and relocating corporates are creating new real-estate destinations in India. GN Focus has the details

  • story 9
    Sunday Sep 8

    5 trends for a property shopper

    We examine some of the biggest factors affecting how you shop for properties in the UAE

  • Sunday Sep 8

    Have money? Knock off the home loan

    Some banks in India have raised their rate of interest, others are expected to follow suit. Is this the time to pay off your loan home?