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  • story 1
    Thursday Feb 26

    Don’t be in a spin!

    The latest advice on health and well-being can leave you going around in circles. We’ve asked the experts about the gadgets that get results

  • story 2
    Thursday Feb 26

    Safety first, laundry second

    Will smart home appliances and connected devices be the next big threat to your online privacy and security?

  • story 3
    Thursday Feb 27

    How safe are smart home appliances?

    Internet-enabled and on the cusp of domestic independence, but how secure will the home of the future be?

  • story 4
    Thursday Feb 27

    Dubai residents define a smart home

    Technology and interaction with environment play defining roles

  • story 5
    Thursday Feb 27

    EQM defines quality in UAE

    EQM, the UAE’s very own quality standard, sets the bar for businesses and assures consumers of the quality of their purchases

  • story 6
    Thursday Feb 27

    Shopping made easy

    Navigating the maze of home appliances at the supermarket has never been easier

  • story 7
    Thursday Feb 27

    Beware of cybercrime

    The growing number of smart appliances in our homes could lead to an increased number of cybersecurity threats

  • story 8
    Thursday Feb 27

    The rise and rise of machines

    Technological advances mean bigger TVs and appliances that can talk

  • story 9
    Thursday Feb 27

    Same gadget, different uses

    Your appliances can be used in such alternative ways?