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Summer packing can be easy

How to dress for an upgrade at 5pm this Thursday at the Arabian Travel Market

  • By Sarah Walter | Gulf News Report
  • Published: 00:00 May 2, 2011
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  • Sarah Walter, CEO,

Rumpled suits, not enough swimwear or inadequate toiletries are some of the packing problems plaguing modern-day travellers. Sarah Walter, CEO of, aims to change all that with her new fashion and beauty website, created with the most stylish travel wardrobes in mind.

"I created to combine my considerable journalistic career with magazines such as Vogue, Bazaar and Marie Claire with my retail knowledge with New Look and River Island to cater to what women really want," she tells GN Focus. "A huge passion of mine is travelling, I have visited around 54 countries so far and counting, most of which with a just a carry-on suitcase!"

Here are some of her tips on packing the perfect summer holiday wardrobe:

1) Only include items that you love and feel fabulous in; prints and bold colours work better in the sun than in an urban environment and are also mood enhancers. Choose fabrics that pack well; jersey takes up less space and is crease-resistant too.

2) A good pair of sunglasses is essential. Make sure the shape suits your face and if you only take one pair, it should be a classic colour that will work with everything. Tortoiseshell is a real winner. Sun tan lotion for face and body, and a good hat are imperative.

3) I always travel with at least four scarves in different colours and textures. They act as skirts when tied casually over a bikini, evening wraps when it gets a little chillier, turbans to protect hair from the salt and sun, beach cover-ups when knotted under your arms and even a temporary beach towel if you fancy a spontaneous swim.

4) You need a serious swimsuit, cut to flatter and enable you to really swim, dive or snorkel with confidence, and then at least one bikini for more serious sun worship and minimum tan lines.

5) Get the right footwear for the water with Havaianas. You must have some special sandals for evenings, preferably open-toed to show off your new pedicure. A roll-up beach bag, which packs flat in your suitcase is a must-have, one or two small evening clutches, which double-up as make-up bags, and purses in sparkles or a colour. Don't forget to try a lipstick shade you wouldn't normally, something exciting.

Sarah Walter, CEO of, explains how to dress for an upgrade at 5pm this Thursday at the Arabian Travel Market.

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