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    Thursday Nov 14

    Walk the talk

    UAE takes bold strides in addressing diabetes, a rampant disease in the country

  • story 2
    Wednesday Nov 13

    Sharjah boy conquers autism with new therapy

    Four-year-old UAE resident is one of 3,000 worldwide to be treated with GcMAF protein

  • story 3
    Wednesday Nov 13

    Try sleeping on this

    If you feel the afternoon slump or are predisposed to a heavy midsection, beware. It could be the work of the precursor to diabetes — insulin resistance

  • story 4
    Wednesday Nov 13

    Identifying type 1 diabetes

    What is it?

  • story 5
    Wednesday Nov 13

    Managing type 2

    Experts discuss how to deal with some of diabetes type 2’s associated ailments

  • story 6
    Wednesday Nov 13

    Want a neck lift?

    Live sessions to take place at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Hospital

  • story 7
    Wednesday Nov 13

    Help for Parkinson’s

    Support group now in Dubai

  • story 8
    Wednesday Nov 13

    The DNA clock

    How old are you?

  • story 9
    Saturday Oct 20

    Challenge accepted : Futuro TUFF

    Our in-house exercise junkies take on revolutionary regimes with extraordinary results

  • story 10
    Saturday Oct 20

    Back-breaking problems

    Back ache is one of the most common, but most underrated, complaints. Iona Stanley looks at the types, causes, and treatments