GN Focus | Haircare

  • story 1
    Monday Jun 10

    Not just hot air

    The regional haircare market is growing like a bouffant and set to reach Dh644 million by 2017. We look at the trends and developments driving it

  • story 2
    Monday Jun 10

    Shades of summer

    From icy cool tints of blonde to fiery browns, glam up your look and be bang on trend with a shot of colour

  • story 3
    Monday Jun 10

    Feed your tresses

    Consider adding these foods to your diet for healthy hair

  • story 4
    Monday Jun 10

    The follicle challenge

    Hair loss needn’t have you with your hands in your hair — transplant therapy could work for you

  • story 5
    Monday Jun 10

    From work to play

    The hottest looks to take you from the office to the party this summer

  • story 6
    Monday Jun 10

    Hair on top

    Want to know what’s hot this season and how to keep up with the most happening trends? Read on

  • story 7
    Monday Jun 10

    The UAE’s camel hump unravelled

    The bold home-grown up-do is achieved with stuffing

  • story 8
    Monday Jun 10

    Hair (law) today, gone tomorrow

    Students will be allowed to choose their hair styles soon

  • story 9
    Monday Jun 10

    Harry and Cameron get mini-mes

    UK PM will consider doll’s modern look

  • story 10
    Monday Jun 10

    Indian men join the grooming revolution

    Almost 54 per cent of women find men with styled facial hair more attractive