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  • story 1
    Wednesday Apr 17

    Expert speak

    Are schools preparing students for university life?

  • story 2
    Wednesday Apr 17

    School's out. What next?

    Find yourself in a quandary about which programme to pick? Try New Courses 101

  • story 3
    Wednesday Apr 17

    Arabic-only curricula in the spotlight

    Debate rages over the feasibility of the move as education experts argue that a bilingual module is best

  • story 4
    Wednesday Apr 17

    Inside Edge

    Targeted enrichment of education will contribute to social growth

  • story 5
    Tuesday Dec 11

    Primed for the job

    In an employment market that requires more than just good grades for success, UAE students enjoy the advantage of being job-ready

  • story 6
    Tuesday Dec 11

    Log on for a degree

    Is coffee the only thing you’re missing out on when you choose e-learning? GN Focus looks at the pros and cons

  • story 7
    Tuesday Dec 11

    Course of action

    Students from all walks of life are gaining both professional and life skills at the UAE’s many colleges and universities. Some of them speak to GN Focus and explain why they chose a programme