GN Focus | Gulf Education

  • story 1
    Wednesday Apr 9

    Getex: Choose from 2,500 courses

    With a focus on vocational and specialist training, course-specific guidance and on-the-spot acceptance, this year’s edition of Getex gears up to showcase the best educational practices from around the globe

  • story 2
    Wednesday Apr 9

    Gulf Education: A future view

    The future of higher education 
in the 21st century

  • story 3
    Wednesday Apr 9

    Gulf Education: The 11.6m challenge

    With that many students set to be in GCC classrooms by 2016, we explore the hurdles in the path of their development

  • story 4
    Wednesday Apr 9

    Policy matters: A more productive future for the Gulf

    Gulf companies need to develop local human resources

  • story 5
    Wednesday Apr 9

    Local research, large-scale relevance

    UAE organisations are encouraging students to focus on postgraduate medical and scientific research to create a database for the country’s needs

  • story 6
    Wednesday Apr 9

    12 hot new Expo-ready 
career ideas

    With an alarming shortfall in the number of skilled professionals, UAE universities are aiming to turn out job-ready students. Universities participating in Getex spotlight some of the latest courses

  • story 7
    Wednesday Apr 17

    One life, many careers

    A new breed of mid- and senior-level professionals is taking the plunge into different careers by following dreams and learning new skills

  • story 8
    Wednesday Apr 17

    Plenty of choice at Getex

    The Gulf Education and Training Exhibition, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, returns to town and UAE students are spoilt for choice with a variety of local and international courses on offer

  • story 9
    Wednesday Apr 17

    Prep for professionals

    UAE universities must help students understand work culture and hone their skills before they step into the office

  • story 10
    Wednesday Apr 17

    Foreign education gives you wings

    Sanghamitra Roy says applying abroad for further studies can be a challenging but rewarding experience