GN Focus | Green Initiatives

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    Tuesday Jan 15

    Conquering new heights

    As Dubai finalises new building regulations, 2013 will be pivotal for the construction industry

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    Tuesday Jan 15

    Zooming in on 
renewable energy

    The World Future Energy Summit, which runs from today until Thursday, aims to enhance sustainable growth

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    Tuesday Jan 15

    Green industry in a state of flux

    Although global investments in solar and wind farms are seeing a downward trend, new developments in the industry are grabbing investors’ interest

  • story 4
    Tuesday Jan 15

the new corporate colour

    Energy-saving measures are now integral to an 
organisation’s reputation, often improving profits

  • story 5
    Tuesday Jan 15

    Painting the town green

    As the case for going green continues to grow, companies and individuals alike are embracing the ethos

  • story 6
    Tuesday Jan 15

    Mad for mud

    Check into one of these hobbit houses in Canada for a greener vacation