GN Focus | GN 35 Anniversary

  • story 1
    Monday Sep 30

    Of sleepless nights and the smell of wet newsprint

    Gulf News’ first editor, Tim Edgar, recalls the day GN was born

  • story 2
    Monday Sep 30

    Winning frames

    A selection of acclaimed, award-winning images shot by Gulf News photographers

  • story 3
    Monday Sep 30

is the media really headed?

    In an effort to gauge what will come of us all GN Focus rounded up some of the region’s leading media figureheads to discuss the future of the industry and whether we will all need degrees and diplomas in IT and social media if we are to remain employed in the long run

  • story 4
    Monday Sep 30

    311 years of service and counting

    Ten GN Media employees, who have redefined the concept of loyalty, some working as many as 30 years with the organisation, tell Sanaya Pavri why

  • story 5
    Monday Sep 30

    Read all about it!

    Gulf News’ reliable distribution veterans have charted news landmarks over the course of 35 years. We find out how

  • story 6
    Monday Sep 30

    From ticker tapes 
to Twitter feeds

    Walking in step with the people of the UAE, Gulf News has played a key role in urging public debate and improving government services

  • story 7
    Monday Sep 30

    Printing choreography

    Gulf News comes to life on an automated Cortina web press, the first installed outside Europe

  • story 8
    Monday Sep 30

    Readers write in

    Reader connectivity has been central to Gulf News’ evolution. Our Readers Desk presents a selection of letters received over the decades

  • story 9
    Monday Sep 30

    Making sense of the fine print

    Like postcards from a time traveller, Gulf News classifieds evokes a sense of life in the UAE through the decades

  • story 10
    Monday Sep 30

    Synergy of success

    A vast array of people keep Gulf News ticking. We look at the various departments in the organisation