GN Focus | Germany

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    Friday Nov 9

    Looking for growth

    German construction companies spearhead the recovery of the UAE’s skyline, with technological advancements, skilled labour and meticulous planning

  • story 2
    Friday Nov 9

    A vote on the economy

    Next September’s elections could have a strong impact on business in Germany and in Europe

  • story 3
    Friday Nov 9

    Our daily brot

    With a per capita consumption of almost 85 kilograms every year, the country’s penchant for bread permeates all aspects of life

  • story 4
    Friday Nov 9

    Destination Berlin

    The capital city presents an exciting proposition for any visitor — a seamless marriage of the past with the present

  • story 5
    Friday Nov 9

    Home and away

    GN Focus marks 40 years of bilateral relations between the UAE and Germany by profiling German citizens who have made the Emirates their home