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    Saturday Nov 9

    Trade soars as UAE-German ties deepen

    Shared economic, cultural and regional interests allow the two countries to pursue a fruitful alliance

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    Saturday Nov 9

to succeed

    Generating millions of jobs and billions in 
revenues SMEs are Germany’s Hidden Champions

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    Friday Nov 9

    The business of indulgence

    Germany’s fast-growing luxury sector is reclaiming its unique identity and is poised to be a major contributor to its GDP

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    Friday Nov 9

    Quality equals definite advantage

    Ambassador Nikolai von Schoepff talks about UAE-German cooperation in terms of economic and cultural touchpoints

  • story 5
    Friday Nov 9

    Opportunities for both markets

    Dr Gerhard Schröder, honorary chairman of Numov, talks to GN Focus

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    Friday Nov 9

    A port in the storm

    A steady rate of growth and well-managed finances suggest Germany’s economy could rescue European markets

  • story 7
    Friday Nov 9

    Taking over the market

    The success of the country’s export industry can be attributed to an elite tier of midsize companies, better known as the hidden champions

  • story 8
    Friday Nov 9

    Premium cars on track

    The GCC’s high demand for luxury vehicles in no small part drives the German car industry to be one of the strongest sectors in Europe

  • story 9
    Friday Nov 9

    Build it and they’ll come

    Whether it’s handmade toys, chocolate, cars or ceramics, Germany is the place for manufacturing-related tourism

  • story 10
    Friday Nov 9

    Creating eco-spaces

    Whether repurposing rivers or cooling houses, German architects have found sustainable solutions to a variety of current problems