GN Focus | Germany

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    Saturday Nov 9

    Put your money where the Germans are

    From automobiles to electrotechnology, Europe’s biggest economy is an attractive investment destination while the Eurozone stays intact

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    Saturday Nov 9

of choice

    Top-class facilities, warm hospitality and a pleasant climate make Germany a popular option among tourists

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    Saturday Nov 9

    Partnering for an eco-friendly future

    With the UAE’s growing interest in green projects and Germany’s position as one of the world leaders in renewable energy, it is no surprise that environmental projects in the Emirates are being backed by Deutschland

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    Saturday Nov 9

    Nation builds on a steady foundation

    From an iron fist to maternal prudence, Germany’s economy has been amply nourished. As Angela Merkel takes the helm again, Iona Stanley examines how the economy might develop in 2014

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    Saturday Nov 9

    Keep calm and face the challenge

    Top German airlines take the Eurozone debt crisis, high fuel prices and growing demand for low-cost options in their stride

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    Saturday Nov 9

    In top gear

    The UAE is the Middle East’s fastest-growing car market, and German carmakers are consistently proving to be an essential part of this development

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    Saturday Nov 9

    Bavaria finds grounds for success in the UAE

    Germany’s largest federal state has played an important part 
in a robust and diversified UAE economy

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    Saturday Nov 9

    Trade soars as UAE-German ties deepen

    Shared economic, cultural and regional interests allow the two countries to pursue a fruitful alliance

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    Saturday Nov 9

to succeed

    Generating millions of jobs and billions in 
revenues SMEs are Germany’s Hidden Champions